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Fight Song

We’re here to cheer for
Winfield High School.     
Here to win the fight 
(Fight! Fight! Fight!)
Here to cheer the Vikings onward,
Make it a Viking night
(Night! Night! Night!)
We’ve got spirit with us tonight
Let us hear it – Go Vikings Fight
Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here
And we’re ready for a Viking night

Alma Mater

Hail Alma Mater…
Hats Off to You!

Ever You’ll Find Us
Loyal and True

Firm and Undaunted
Always We’ll Be…

Hail to the School We Love
Here’s a Toast to Thee!



Staff Choice Award 2014

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Staff Choice Award Recipients:

Arianna Albers
Ethan Bailey
Clayton    Bauer
Rebecca    Beach
Chyanne Bellew
Callie Biddle
Nick Bounevongsay
Tanner Boyle
Angelica Bradley
Cod Bruner
Jay Buffum
Michael Burley
Jazmynn Burris
Eli Camp
Sam Camp
Michelle Carrillo
Shea Carver
Mac Chansaveng
Sarah Conner
Breanna Cooper
Ashley Corle
Emily Corle
Hannah Crane
Kelly Davis
John Davis
Steven Deere
Jason Do
Caitlyn Dougherty
Kyndal Dutton
Beth Elder
Conner Fields
Kayleigh Finney
Sheridon Flottman
Kayle Flower
Taylor Ging
Tori Gould
Shelby Guffey
Derek Hammer
Woodrow Harmon
Sarah Harper
Christa Hatfield
Haley Henson
Stevie Heptig
Ethan Hood
Bryce Hooper
Ally Hovey
Kendell Hoyt
Kyle Johnston
Sage Judd
Katie Kernell
Riley King
Shawn Knepper
Ashley Knepper
Jonathan Lee
Nate Lee
Ali Leffel
Maria Legorreta
Shayla  Levi
Nick Lockyear
Tori Mann
Montana Mansfield
Brennon Marcotte
Addison Martin
Lauretta May
Truitt McCulley
Souksakone Mienphilom
Nikki Miller

Kayla Moody
Eli Muldrow
Kerry Murphy
Miranda Otte
Sean Peirce
Colton Perkins
Johnson Phanthavong
Sarah Phiouphongphang
Gavin Pickering
Avery Porter
Madison Randall
Emory Rodda
Mornis Rotenis
Taner Rudoph
Ivan Shelton
Cole Staubs
Caleb Tapia
Maggie Tapia
Sang Tiet
Isaac Tiguila
Brianna Topper
Bo Tucker
Lauren Turner
Ali Viravong
Jamie Wall
Tyler Wallace
Lacie Wallace
Trenton Wardman
Spencer Warren
Kirsten Williams
Sutton Wilson
Breanna    Wogoman
Devin Young







by Justin Hogan, WHS Instructor/CTE Coordinator


Students and faculty in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways at Winfield High School join others across the nation during the month of February to celebrate national Career and Technical Education (CTE) MonthTM.  This year’s theme is Celebrate CTE Superheroes! CTE Month provides CTE programs across the country an opportunity to demonstrate how CTE educates students to be college- and career- ready and prepares them for high-wage, high-demand career fields.

Winfield High School currently offers students 71 CTE courses within 15 Career Pathways which include: Ag Power, Structural & Technical Systems, Ag Plant Systems, Agribusiness, Arts/AV Communications, Business Entrepreneurship & Management, Business Finance, Construction, Design and Pre-Construction, Early Childhood, Family and Community Services, Health Occupations Exploration, Pre-Engineering, Programming and Software Development, Teaching/Training, and Web and Digital Communication.

“CTE encompasses 94 percent of high school students and 13 million postsecondary students in the United States. CTE is a major part of the solution to myriad national economic and workforce problems, such as high school dropout rates, a weakened economy, global competitiveness and massive layoffs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly one-third of the fastest growing occupations will require an associate’s degree or a postsecondary vocational certificate. At a time when job opportunity is so critical, CTE programs in every community are ensuring students are adequately equipped with the skills to successfully enter the workforce.” (ACTE, 2014)

            “The doors are always open to interested community members that want to view the CTE courses taught at WHS,” offers Justin Hogan, CTE coordinator. “We want the public to see the variety of skills that students are acquiring at WHS.”

 By partnering with the business community, CTE programs are investing in students’ lives with the latest technology and skills that will prepare them to become successful employees as well as future leaders.  If you or someone you know would like to get involved as an advisory committee member, please contact us.  

For a complete list of CTE classes, instructor contact info, and other information about CTE at WHS please visit:, call Winfield High School @ 221-5160, or email -   


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Principal's Message

Winfield High School administration, faculty and staff would like to welcome you to the start of a brand new school year.  Thank you for visiting our school website.  It is our desire to make our school and website a warm and welcoming environment.  I hope that you take a moment to look through our website and discover more about us.  Our goal for the site is to create open lines of communication, inform the public about our many programs and be a model for learning. 

At Winfield High School our kids are our greatest treasure and we are quite proud of their accomplishments.  We have a rich tradition of success in both the classroom and extra curricular activities.  Our mission is to build and develop our young adults into lifelong learners who can problem solve and become leaders in our communities.  Our students learn communication skills, critical thinking skills, team building skills and at the same time learn to develop positive relationships with their peers and staff.

Our mascot the “Vikings” were traditionally a group of people who explored new lands and were not content to settle in one place.  They sought adventure and wanted to learn about new lands, cultures and people.  This is the personification of our school and students.  We encourage them to build and prepare for the future, wherever that may take them.

I hope you enjoy our website and you are able to find the schedules, programs, information and services that we offer our students and community.

Go Vikings

Trenton Creeden, Principal

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